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How it Works

Learn the steps to help you exploit the Surfbetter100 teaching system to your maximum benefit. There is no right or wrong way to use the Surfbetter100 program. Your ideal approach depends on how detailed you wish to go with it. You can simply watch a few videos for a quick shot of learning, or you can immerse yourself deep and learn as much detail as you possibly can.

Surfbetter100 is the result of over 30 years of coaching real surfers of all abilities, all over the planet. People just like you! If we are offering advice or ways of learning, then that’s because they have proven to work. It’s not just theory. We’ve tested and refined this knowledge at the coal-face over decades with real-life people. We offer up our experience for your benefit and the rest is up to you.

We suggest you also view About to understand the philosophy of the program. Once you understand the 'why', then you’ll better understand the 'how'!

Using the Surfbetter100 system is very simple, just;

  1. Get Started – select the membership option that suits you best and start your 7-day FREE trial

  2. Explore Levels – watch the brief Level Overview videos. Choose your current level from 10 abilities (beginner to expert)

  3. Explore Concepts – watch the brief Concept Overview videos and discover the lifetime threads of never-ending progress

  4. Watch. Listen. Learn – watch your quick-view, full lesson and practice videos. Listen to your pre-surf audios as potent reminders 

  5. Discover your Strengths and Weaknesses – pinpoint what’s holding you back by using the online Strength Finder tool

  6. Surf, Surf, Surf – rip it up following your practice summaries. Think big. Aim high. Go to the next level. Repeat! 

Read your relevant Essentials guidelines (specific to each level) for advice on:

  • Selecting the right type of board

  • Choosing a suitable break

  • Getting fit

  • Keeping a productive mindset

  • Surfing safely

  • Getting a fair wave count, and;

  • Applying appropriate surf etiquette

Go to our Community page to uncover some helpful tips in our regular articles and blog posts, as well as openly share your stories, ask questions and provide constructive comments with other like-minded surfers wanting to progress their surfing.

If you prefer to dive a little deeper into your learning and give yourself the maximum chance to improve, check out some of the other tools in your Toolkit, including;

Go to Resources and download an expanded explanation of How It Works to help you exploit the Surfbetter100 teaching system to your maximum benefit.