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Surfing could quite possibly be the hardest sport in the world! It's fun, but also incredibly complex because of the range of variables all fighting for your attention. However strangely enough, it's this challenge that attracts us to the sport.


When it comes to learning complex things (like surfing), our aim at Surfbetter is to break each whole skill down into their smallest, simplest parts. That’s why we designed a simple system of 100 hundred skills. It’s easy to understand and also achievable.


Surfbetter100 is the result of 30 years of experience coaching surfers of varying abilities in surf breaks all over the world. By signing up to Surfbetter100, you can benefit from all of this accumulated knowledge.


Is this for me? YES – Surfbetter100 caters perfectly to you and to every ability! From the calm water beginner learning board control, right through to the advanced rider threading huge barrels. We’ve mapped out your every step along this journey - beginner, intermediate, expert. It doesn’t matter what your current ability, we’ll help you discover the secret ingredients to becoming a better surfer, starting today!


Surfbetter offers a lifetime of learning! Discover your roadmap to progress!


Want to know more? Watch the short videos and download your About pdf found in Resources for a fuller explanation of the Surfbetter100 teaching system.